Features and Benefits

Put our Extended Business Office Services to work for you!

Our clients benefit from:

Insurance Denials and Appeals Processing

Improves your overall recoveries by effectively reconciling your claim issues and communicating recommendations to improve your revenue cycle process.

Follow-Up Insurance Billing

Expedites claims efficiently which improves cash flow.

Self-Pay Active Receivables Collections

Provides patient-friendly yet effective recovery of payments including a complete letter/notice service and calls.

Interim Staffing

Yields temporary or long-term relief for your business office.

Contract Payment Management

Provides automated and personalized assurance that payment plans have the follow-up and results you expect.

Conversion Project Services

Provides the extra temporary resources you require while you move to your new system.

Bad Debt Recovery

Offers third-party debt collection with online, real-time access to your accounts via secure gateways through Sherloq Financial.


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