Denials Management Solved® – DMS

DMS is the premiere solution for medical denials & appeals management.

What if you could significantly accelerate cash flow and maximize reimbursements?

Our DMS platform was developed based on the details of millions of successfully adjudicated claims and provides proven revenue recovery success. Capitalizing on extensive analysis of payer trends, DMS helps clients achieve greater reimbursement for services provided.

SHERLOQ® Revenue Solutions

Our dedicated, full-service denials and appeals management team uses advanced tactics to help you maximize revenue recovery.

Boost Revenue

We improve your reimbursement rate by identifying your most costly denials through pattern and trend recognition and process improvement.

Reduce Denials

We reduce denials by implementing time-tested techniques to prevent unnecessary reimbursement delays.

Reconcile Claims

We reconcile claim issues and provide recommendations so you receive cash quicker.

SHERLOQ Revenue Solutions has the values you’re looking for.

You want a partner with the expertise and experience to maximize revenue recovery while also treating your customers with respect and putting your organization in the best light.





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