Community Banner Program – Summary

SHERLOQ® Banner Solutions is the one-stop shop for Tampa community banners

  • We handle the applications with the municipalities on behalf of each client as the permittee of record.
  • We have the necessary approvals, contracts, etc. to work with TECO
  • We employ certified electrical contractors to handle the installs. We have used the same company for more than 25 years.
  • We handle all the logistics: planning, printing, installs, removals, the application processes, working with the city, county, and state regulators.
  • We coordinate any repairs or maintenance needed during the display term.
  • We have talented graphic designers who can assist with creative design.

Permitting & Regulations for the Banner Program

  • Street Pole Banners are on either City or FDOT right of way.
  • Both require permitting, and FDOT requires the City permit as a prerequisite.
  • Permitting takes between 30-45 days.
  • Displays are regulated to be event driven or for general community awareness (like an event downtown or cancer awareness).
  • There is a soft 30-60 day display timeframe with the city, but FDOT has a more stringent 30-day-only display, with a period of time in between each display. This can be negotiable if there are NO other banner displays scheduled.
  • Sponsorships and advertisements can be no more than 10% of the banner display and usually are at the bottom.

Prices, Sizes & More

  • Cost is $175 per banner which includes permitting, production, installation, removal, maintenance and insurance.
  • There is a minimum 30-banner order, but typical displays tend to be 75-100 banners.
  • Street Level Displays are 30″ x 90″.
  • While all backgrounds are welcome, white backgrounds and bright colors tend to work best, and are more easily seen, as well as more easily read from the streets.
  • Any messages, wording, etc. should be as large as possible on the banner, and take up as much room as possible from left to right for readability from street level.
  • We print full CMYK, meaning we can print virtually anything you give to us.

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