Features & Benefits

Our Collections Services Help You Maintain Cash Flow

Sherloq Financial delivers many features and benefits to our clients:

Efficient and Effective Collections

Our automated phone systems, account routing and mailings provide faster recovery for you at a competitive rate.

Ethical and Professional Agency

As a PPMS™ (ACA International Certified) agency, our collectors are trained by ACA Certified Instructors. This means you can be assured your accounts will be serviced in a compliant, legal, and ethical manner.

Various Payment Channels

Consumers are provided opportunities to pay via conventional mail, our web site, phone with an agent, or through our IVR (interactive voice response) system.

Online Account Access

Customers have access to their accounts through our website. With this tool, customers have the flexibility to view, update, delete and load accounts.

Compliance Department

Our compliance manager is an ACA-credentialed Credit and Collection Compliance Officer (CCCO) and maintains a full-time focus on legal and ACA requirements.

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