Features & Benefits

Our collection services help you increase cash flow.

Merchants Association Collection Division Inc. d/b/a SHERLOQ Financial® delivers many features and benefits to our customers:

Efficient & Effective Collection

SHERLOQ Financial’s automated phone systems, account routing and mailings provide faster recovery for you at a competitive rate.

Ethical & Professional Agency

You can be assured your accounts will be serviced in a compliant, legal, and ethical manner.

Multiple Payment Options

Consumers are provided opportunities to pay via conventional mail, our web site, phone with an agent, or through our IVR (interactive voice response) system.

Online Account Access

Clients have access to their accounts through our secure gateways.

Compliance Department

Our compliance officer is a licensed attorney, with broad professional experience in consumer financial regulation, and an active participant in the ACA’s Members’ Attorney Program.

Security & Protecting Patients’ PHI

We maintain strict policies that are reviewed on a routine basis and updated based off industry best practices around key areas, including: tracking and monitoring of network access, security and HIPAA training, designated cell phone lockers, and unique IDs.

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