Early-Out, Self-Pay Services

Early-Out, Self-Pay Services

Our team of healthcare industry experts provides highly effective revenue recovery.

With patients today having to take more responsibility for their medical bills, hospitals face greater challenges than ever before when it comes to collecting balances. We understand what it takes to do this efficiently, and we provide a low-cost solution you can rely on. Our commitment to invest in the latest technology and healthcare specific training ensures cost effective results for our customers. We place an emphasis on consumer respect and internal auditing, and achieve outstanding results without adversely affecting your relationship with patients or your reputation in the community.

Free your staff to attend to other tasks, while our team of financial counselors works with patients, listening carefully to their circumstances to develop individualized recovery strategies.

How We Can Help:

  • 01

    Identify any missing or incomplete coverages

  • 02

    Provide a financial analysis of the patient’s ability to pay

  • 03

    Assess the patient’s situation for potential hospital-based financial assistance

  • 04

    Offer repayment solutions for quick account resolution

Our patient-first service philosophy and commitment to full account resolution rather than simply focusing on collections increases patient satisfaction while also maximizing revenue recovery. We provide a low-cost solution to one of your most difficult challenges. 

The many benefits of our Early Out, Self-Pay Services include:

View Our Benefits:

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    Patient–focused customer service

  • 02

    Expanded customer service hours: Mon. – Thurs. 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Fri. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • 03

    Patient–friendly statements

  • 04

    Branded patient payment portal

  • 05

    Customized after hours bilingual IVR: update insurance information, request itemized statements, make a payment, and leave a message for a healthcare professional

  • 06

    Insurance billing and follow-up

  • 07

    Payment plan administration

  • 08

    Charity screening

  • 09

    Financial assistance

  • 10

    Medicaid eligibility

  • 11

    AAHAM Certified Revenue Cycle Specialists – Institutional (CRCS-I)

  • 12

    ICD–9/10 certified experts

  • 13

    Medical billers and coders

  • 14

    Bilingual representatives

  • 15

    In-house compliance officer

  • 16

    On demand resource allocation

  • 17

    Onsite/remote staffing

  • 18

    Advanced call routing

  • 19

    Automated workflows

  • 20

    Modified dialer strategies

  • 21

    Custom reporting

  • 22

    Legacy A/R support and system conversions

The average tenure of our current healthcare customers is over 16 years. We’re proud of that statistic and work every day to ensure it continues to rise.

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