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Proud sponsor of the 20th Annual HFMA Western Region Symposium

Sherloq Solutions is a proud sponsor of the 20th Annual HFMA Western Region Symposium. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Be sure to stop by booth #110 to learn about our Early-Out, Self-Pay Customer Service and Denials Management Solved® (DMS) platform.

Our denials and appeals management team implements best practices to ensure hospitals denials are overturned for maximum revenue recovery in a timely manner. We also provide customers with comprehensive reporting that identifies the hospitals’ most costly denials and denial trends to improve the health system’s internal operations. By monitoring internal processes and denial trends, denial prevention strategies can be successfully implemented.

 5 common reasons claims are denied:

  1. Demographic errors. Failure to collect accurate patient information.
  2. Insurance coverage. Eligibility of insurance coverage was not verified.
  3. Medical necessity. Missing documentation in the patient’s medical record proving that the treatment or service was required.
  4. Prior authorization. Prior authorization required on a treatment or service was not obtained.
  5. Medical Coding errors. Improper coding occurred for the treatment or service.


We’ve overturned millions of dollars in denied claims on behalf of a large New York health care system through the exclusive use of our proprietary Denials Management Solved platform. Contact us today to learn more.

See you in Vegas!

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