Community Banner Program – General Summary 

Sherloq Banner Solutions is the one-stop shop for Tampa community banners

  • Sherloq Banner Solutions handles the applications with the municipalities on behalf of each client as the permittee of record.
  • Sherloq Banner Solutions has the necessary approvals, contracts etc. to work with TECO.
  • Sherloq Banner Solutions employs certified electrical contractors to handle the installs. We have used the same company for more than 25 years.
  • Sherloq Banner Solutions handles all the logistics: planning, printing, installs, removals, the application processes, working with the city, county, and state regulators.
  • Sherloq Banner Solutions coordinates any repairs or maintenance needed during the display term.
  • Sherloq Banner Solutions can handle some creative design work. In our network of friends, we have several artists who can assist with graphic files.


  • Street Pole Banners are on either City or FDOT right of way.
  • Both require permitting, and FDOT requires the City permit as a prerequisite.
  • Permitting takes between 30-45 days.
  • Displays are regulated to be event driven or for general community awareness (like an event downtown or cancer awareness).
  • There is a soft 30-60 day display timeframe with the CITY, but FDOT has a more stringent 30-day-only display, with a period of time in between each display. This can be negotiable if there are NO other banner displays scheduled.
  • Sponsorships and advertisements can be no more than 10% of the banner display and usually are at the bottom.

Prices and Sizes and More

  • Prices are $175 per banner (a bit more for the smaller runs), which includes banner production, installation, removal, gear maintenance and insurance coverage, plus permit fees ($50 per street, $5 per banner). If we’re installing for the full inventory, some savings might be possible.
  • There is a minimum 30-banner order, but typical displays tend to be 75-100 banners.
  • Street Level Displays are 30" x 90" and Riverwalk areas are 24” x 48.” These are the most popular.
  • While all backgrounds are welcome, white backgrounds and bright colors tend to work best, and are more easily seen, as well as more easily read from the streets.
  • Any messages, wording etc, should be as large as possible on the banner, and take up as much room as possible from left to right for readability from street level.
  • Printing is done using full CYMK, meaning we can print pretty much anything you give to us.

To learn more about how your event or organization can benefit from this partnership, please contact us.