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Going Above & Beyond

In 2001, we attained the ACA (Association of Credit and Collection Professionals) International PPMS™ (Professional Practices Management System™) certification. The PPMS concept was developed to resemble and align with ISO 9000 quality standards.

Professional Practices Management System™ certified designation:

More readily accessible than any other firm, Sherloq Solutions will go beyond required services to innovate solutions and reach higher standards for our clients.

PPMS™ is built around the concept of continuous process improvement. It considers 18 key elements of management including documenting procedures, tracking problems, developing continuous improvement strategies, and auditing work against established standards. The foundation of PPMS™ is “Quality through Compliance.”

Our competitive advantage also results from:

Utilizing the industry-leading accounts receivable and revenue cycle management system which allows customization and flexibility with quick turnaround time

Our extensive experience, with a Collection Division that has been in business since 1958

Patient–focused customer service

An ACA International Certified Training Specialist that leads in-house collector development

Automated ACDV Dispute Tracking and Audit processes

Healthcare industry experts that comprise our company

Community/client foundation reinvestment opportunities

Corporate financial strength

Web access with features to monitor debtor activity, recoveries, etc.

Certification of 100% of our full time collectors through the ACA International Certified Collector Program

Predictive dialer with interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities

Licensed to collect in all 50 states

Advanced account scoring logic

Exceptional client retention and the insights gained from long-standing relationships

On-premises IT/IS processing center

Customized notices including itemized bill(s)

Collection attorney referral program

Collection calls that are recorded and archived for reference

Weekly account scrubs for bankruptcy receipts and probate

Onsite staff available

Customizable/ad hoc programming functions

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